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TCP/IP Four Doors, Unidirectional Network Controller (DC04-TCP)

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Product Introduction

DC04‐TCP stand alone access control panel is a device combined the most advanced chip technology and mechanics of communication. It can control 4 doors with 4 readers, unidirectional network control system. For each door, user can connect the controller with one reader for entry and one button for exit. Whenever required, the data stored in the controllers is transferred to the computer and activity reports are printed. Each controller works independently and keeps its own database.


◆ Support offline work, TCP/IP communication; allow direct connection with computer via network cable. Support LAN, remote control by PC software.
◆Compared to standard standalone access controller, this device separates the reader and the controller to individual parts so to realize higher safety request of your customer.
◆This device is compatible with all RF reader which is with any type of Wiegand standard communication format available in the market.
◆Wrong connection of reader or data cable will not destroy the device or unlock the door illegally.
◆Effect inhibition of static electricity and surge from input and feedback interference from electronic locks.
◆All‐in‐one‐card management system: normal shift and multi‐shifts time attendance management system; fixed ration dining management system; meeting attendance management system; online patrol management system and security alarm management system.
Product Parameter Parameter Description
PCB board size L160mm * W106mm
Case Size L273mm * W228mm * H65mm
Power Supply 12VDC 4-7A
Circuit board power consumption less than 100mA
Reader Input Format Wiegand 26
Means of communication TCP/IP 10M/100M self adaptive, Webserver
Function Description can control two doors, enter via card swiping and exit via card swipping or button
Quantity of reader 4pcs
Control gate output relay 4pcs
Open delay time 1-600 seconds adjustable
Maximum number of connections No limite
Operating temperature -40 to 70 degrees Celsius
Run Humidity 10-90% RH, non-condensing
Weight 2.1kg
Signal output communication format and baud rate Support LAN,Intranet, fix Ipinternet WAN
User registration card quantity 20,000 cards Permissions, WEBServer Supported
Record the number of offline storage 100,000 records
Power failure protection measures high-speed flash memory design, and never lose data
Max distance between reader to the controller 100 meters, suggest within 80 meters
Max distance for the bus line Depends on network cover area
Max distance between controller to the PC No limite

For Access Control System, it include:

DC01/02/04-TCP (Access Control Panel) + RFID Reader SR09E/WG26 + Card/Tag + Lock + Exit Button + Power Supply + Software (free)

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