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MK1-D IP66 Dual-relay Access Control

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MK1-D is a dual-entry  Access Control with integrated keypad and card reader.It supports up to 1100 users in multiple access configurations(Card,PIN,or Card +PIN).Its built-in card reader supports RFID cards.
User Capacity 1000 Cards/PINS
Operating Voltage 12~24V DC
Idle Current 50mA
Active Current 80mA
Keypad 12 Key (2*6)
Proximity Card Reader EM
Radio Technology 125 KHz Industry Standard Proximity Card
Read Range 2-6 cm
Wiring Connections Relay Output, Exit Button
Relay Two (NO, NC, COM)
Adjustable Relay Output Time 0 ~ 99 Seconds (5 seconds default)
Adjustable Alarm Output Time 1 ~ 3 minutes (1 minute default)
Lock Output Load 3 Amp Maximum
Alarm Output Load 3 Amp Maximum
Adjustable Relay Output Time 0-99 Seconds (5 seconds default)
Lock Output Load 3 Amp Maximum
Environment Outdoor
Operating Temperature -30oC - 60oC (-40oF ~ 140oF)
Operating Humidity 20%RH-85%RH
Physical Zinc-Alloy Enclosure
Surface Finish Powder Coat
Dimensions L120 W76 H25 (mm)(MK1) L130 W56 H23 (mm)(MK4)
Unit Weight 520g(MK1)/550g (MK4)
Shipping Weight 600g(MK1)/650g (MK4)

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