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Outdoor Support IP66 Waterproof Standalone Reader (MK6-X)

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The MK6-X is a universal keypad, can work as standalone keypad, access controller or standard Wiegand output reader. It uses Atmel MCU assuring stable performance. The operation is very user-friendly, and low-power circuit makes it long service life.
The MK6-X supports 600 users, it support multi access modes in either card access,PIN access, Card+PIN access, or multi cards/PINs access it can read 125KHz EM & HID for Low Frequency and 13,56MHz Mifare for High Frequency tokens,cards and tags. Another advantage of the SK6-X is it has extra features including block enrollment, interlocked, Wiegand 26~37 bits interface, 12~28VAC/DC voltage…ect.

• Waterproof, conforms to IP66
• Relay: One relay, 600 users
• Card type: 125KHz EM card,125KHz HID card, and 13.56Mhz Mifare Card
• PIN length: 4~6 digits
• Input & output format: Wiegand 26~37 bits
• Current: 12~28V AC/ DC
• Interlock: 2 devices can be interlocked for 2 doors

User Capacity
Common Users
Panic Users
Operating Voltage
Idle Current
Active Current
12~28V AC/DC
< 65mA
< 100MA
Proximity Card Reader
Radio Technology
Read Range
HID & EM & Mifare
125KHz &13.56Mhz
2~6 cm
Wiring Connections
Relay output, exit button, alarm, door contact, Wiegand input, Wiegand output
Adjustable Relay Output Time
Lock Output Load
One (NO, NC, Common)
0~99 Seconds (5 seconds default)
2 Amp Maximum
Wiegand Interface
Wiegand Input
Wiegand Output
PIN Output
Wiegand 26~37bits
4 bits, 8 bits(ASCII), 10 digits Virtual Number
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Meets IP66
-40 oC ~ 60 oC (-40 oF ~ 140 oF)
0%RH ~ 98%RH
Surface Finish
Unit Weight
Shipping Weight
Zinc-Alloy Enclosure
Powder Coat

For Access Control System, it include:

Metal RFID Standalone Access Controller+ Card/Tag + Lock + Exit Button + Power Supply (No Software, No Data)

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